Lg solar panels with sonnen battery | Central Coast

I am looking to buy a solar system, and thinking about getting the LG panels with the Sonnen battery. Does anyone know where I can get these 2 in a package deal?

Hi Mick, what city are you in?

Hi Marty,
I’m on the Central Coast near sydney

Thanks Mick. Do you know any reliable electricians in your area, or have any good recommendations? You can have a look at the CEC accredited solar installers here https://www.solaraccreditation.com.au/consumers/find-an-installer.html. They should be able to source these products from a wholesaler for you.

Often larger solar companies will have imported specific brands themselves, so will want to push those brands. However, local electricians usually buy from wholesalers, so they should be able to source big brands like LG and Sonnen quite easily. It’s worth calling and getting a few different quotes.

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