LG Solar Panels | LG Neon 2 or Neon R which one is better

Neon 2 are a good panel, i don’t think you get that much more from the Neon R, but someone else might have different opinions. The price difference of those two panels should not be that great I don’t think.


I could be that the company don’t have stock for the 370w and try to push me to 350w panels.
But it’s good to hear from the expert that it wouldn’t make much difference for higher panel n price.


you get more rated DC watts with the R, and a slightly lower degradation rate over time (.3% vs .33% per year)… however, the Enphase iq7+ caps the AC output at 290watts AC in both cases; so … the NET output depends on your install conditions and whether either model will approach or exceed clipping limit of the Enphase.

i.e. at a perfect tilt, south exposure, the Neon R will exceed the Enphase throughput capacity more, and basically waste the extra DC output of a higher output panel. If the install condition are such that the R will rarely approach actual DC/AC output limit of 290w, then the extra output MAY be worthwhile depending on the cost differential. The R panels are significantly more expensive because of a higher wholesale cost to installers.

what you really need to look at is the (net cost / TOTAL 25 year (warranteed) kWhr production ) to determine the cost/kwhr of warranted production.

side note is that if the install is at a good azimuth/tilt likely to exceed 290w, then you should probably switch from Enphase micros to SolarEdge string with a high enough AC capacity to avoid clipping.

Hi Helman,

The LG Neon R panels are around 25% more expensive than the Neon 2 panels due to the different type of cells used. The Neon R panels use IBC cells which have the highest efficiency and longest life. See more about IBC cells explained in detail at the end of this article.

The LG Neon 2 are also a very high performance panel, but not quite at the same level of the Neon R.


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Hi Svarky,

Good to hear that the high price is coming from LG not some made-up from the Installer company.
I made my decision to go with 20x LG NeON 2 350W + Enphase IQ7+ as the R version is way more expensive and don’t have much benefit unless I use String Inverter or Solar Optimiser, and it could be an issue with the AS5003 Australia Standard with microinverter.

Thanks everyone for helping me with to decide!

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Hi Helman,

You have selected to install the exact same system I had installed in January this year. I am very happy with the system. 20x LG NeON 2 350W + Enphase IQ7, I paid $10,400 for my system that is after the Govt Rebate. I use approx 22kw per day, and the system is producing on average 31kw per day, this is increasing as we are starting to get more daylight. I live in Western Sydney and I have 14 panels facing north and 6 panels west. My electricity Bill this quarter is in credit.

Good luck with the system definitely worth the investment.

Sorry just realised I have 20 x LG Solar LG335W Panels 20 x Enphase IQ7+ Micro

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Great to hear @Adel_A. Which company did you go with, would you recommend them?

Hi @Adel_A, that sounds great :+1:t2:
I’m also having the similar daily usage, with a pool pump, and living in the western Sydney as well, my roof is facing northeast and northwest, i hope the production will be similar and will be credited as well. :grin:

@Marty my solar installer is SolTek, up until this point is good, but wouldn’t dare to recommend yet until the final installation.

Hi Marty,

I went with a local installer who I would highly recommend. Solaray Energy Pty Ltd, Glendenning.

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Hi Helman,

Once you’re all set up consider Origin Energy, I found they give the best feed in tariff, if you sign up for both gas & electricity.

Hi Helman,
To touch on price differnce
Both are from LG and in 60 cells format and are Ntype
But the technology is different
R signify the Rear contacts like Sunpower, BenQ Sunforte
cell more robust
The neon 2 also see much improve on output
BUT the $/watts are different “R” model cost price usually greater than $1.20
and the neon 2 usually about $0.85 to $0.90
Assuming a 30cts per watt difference in price will cost you that $2000
Note the temperature coefficient of Neon2 is 0.36%/C compare to 0.3%/C in the model
My conclusion either choice you make is OK , you pay more to get the extra

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies.

I have the solar system installed on my roof today and waiting for the Installer company to send me the envoy-s access and than connect it to the grid.

I have a question with the installation for the array, the installer team told me that they would run the cable to connect the array group together under the panel, and they did, but I just notice that it’s very visible and exposed to the sun about 1 meter, is this safe? will they last for long? will it be an issue in the future? see the picture.

hi @Adel_A, yes, I am getting that solar optimiser plan from origin when it is up and running.

Thank you,

Hi @helman,
I am sure you will be happy with the system and the money you will save. Sorry I’m not technically minded to give any advice about the wiring.


Hi helmen,

That looks like UV rated heavy-duty solar conduit but it’s hard to tell. It’s very lazy to do it this way and no secure it properly to the roof or run it through the roof cavity.

If it is the solar UV rated conduit it will last for a long time, however should be supported properly by additional rail or attachments.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reply, the installer fix the exposed conduit and make it look lot nicer by running it under the roof.
and yes, really happy with the 7kW system, it’s producing 49.2kWh yesterday with sunny day, it only clip for an hour in during midday 12PM to 5.9kW (the max of 20x 295W MI), and during the weekend, the system still producing around 20kWh with very cloudy day and almost no direct sun at all. not sure if it can reach the 50kWh mark or not in the midsummer :smiley:

I’m still waiting for the meter provider from enabling the solar feed-in.

Thank you for all your help everyone!!!


Awesome! Great to hear Helman, it’s looking good :ok_hand:

Look awesome… Only thing is they should have removed the blue plastic off the isolator cover. I can be difficult to peel off but it will look much better.

Do you mind if we (CER) use your photo to promote quality solar?

I actually don’t mind with the blue sticker on there, it looks appearing for me :grin:
Feel free to you the photo, happy if this will be useful for any one in the future for reference.

Great stuff Helman,

Looks great and have fun hitting the 50💪
Still waiting on my install, was supposed to be next Thursday but something has gone wrong with our booking - bloody painful as we had the roof resto done 8 weeks ago now and was excited for the install. Ah well, shyte happens, have waited this long so little longer won’t hurt. I’ll just keep jumping on here for my solar fix. Have you looked into the extra warranty on the micros? As far as I’m aware you can pay extra and extend the micro warranty out to 25yrs with the Encare package after installation. I’ll definitely check it out once installed.

Hi @Chris2,

hopefully you will get your system up soon!

I actually look at to extend the warranty to 25 years for my 20x MI, that will cost me another AU$685.00 and I still thinking is that worth the money or not, because 20 years warranty is almost hafted $376.40 and for 15 years is $162.60

And there is another subscription that draws my attention, the Enlighten Manager, it will cost another AU$14.99/month or $349 for lifetime, not sure if it’s useful for the consumer or not, I might try it for a month later when my system is fully running (still not feed in to the grid, waiting for the meter supplier to configure my meter).