Jinko and growatt

Hi just purchased 21 x 315 W Premium Tier 1 Jinko Mono Solar
Panels and a Growatt 5000MTL-S Inverter with WIFI for $3100 supplied and fitted on a 2 story.My budget was pretty much mid range $2500 to $7000 but pushed myself for $3100 for these…Researching says the panels are quite good but Inverter can be hit and miss.What does anyonethink of these items and the price.Cheers,Marcus

Hi Marcus

Your research sounds about right in my opinion, and getting a hit and miss inverter isn’t ideal.

When you say you’ve already purchased, does that mean you’ve put down a deposit?

Usually I would suggest considering the high quality solar inverters in our Best Inverters article.

As we argue in our solar guide, it’s also super important to find the right installer, so getting multiple quotes is always a good idea to compare.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Marty.Just noticed ,woops!!.fat fingers!! My budget was/is $2500 to $2700.Not $7000I had asked about the Fronius or and SMA brads but they would have cost me another $1000 and I just couldn’t push the budget that much.Thanks for the reply though.Appreciate it.Cheers.

Ah, that’s makes more sense.