Dealing with LG Australia

I have had nothing but grief dealing with them. I have two identical off grid systems. Each 5kw panels, solax 5000 inverter and LG CHEM 6.4 with 3.2 second battery. Both batteries damaged in storm in 2020. DIAGNOSED as damaged BMS’s but they would do nothing to help. Claimed unrepairable until i suggested I’d go to consumer affairs. I had to pay for their return to Vic, wait 4 months for new BMS’s from korea and get them returned. Cost $3k no warranty as they claimed off grid systems not covered.
One of the replaced BMS units has failed after 15months. Again not helpful. Their technical help line never answers. Once it suggested I leave a message. No return phone call. After some 7 attempts I finally talked to someone and even got a current email contact. Again no return correspondence. Very unhappy. Id never recommend them after all this.

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That’s really disappointing.

I wonder if LG has pulled a lot of support even for batteries after the decision to close their solar panel business.

Well the story goes on. After 9 weeks of no response from LG Aus if found the email address of the LG CEO Korea and politely expressed my disappointment. 9am the next morning i had action and many emails and a week later the batteries are heading back to Victoria for not only repair but warranty repairs. I did mention along the way that perhaps i needed to involve the ACCC.
Sadly LG have very little support in WA.

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That’s a good outcome considering how much of a headache you went through. Hopefully you receive replacement batteries soon.

Who was the original installer of the system and why didn’t they help with the warranty claims?

Good question. Solarluna. They still exist but there is only the principal left and he now lives works in Hungary