ZN Shine Solar Panel review

Has anyone had experience with these ZN Shine panels. I have been told that they are 12 bus bar. I gather that makes them a bit more efficient.

I saw the 12 busbar ZN SHine panels at the solar Expo in Oct but I don’t know anyone who has installed them yet. Yes the 12 busbars do have several benefits and improve efficiency so it’s possible they are a good panel but I don’t know much about the manufacturer ZN Shine. The company profile looks ok but that’s not a lot to go by.



Thank you Svarky for sharing the performance of 4 different panels and we can see the ratio of actual to STC performance. I hope I will do the same at some solar site, for public viewing Will be good if you can add Comments or tag about the 1) location 2) Orientation 3) Roof angle 4) any shading
Regards Esmail Attia , Solar Hybrid Solutions


@Krzys_krzys, are you able to explain what this video is about in English? And what is your role at ZN Shine?


we have been using the ZN shine 275w panels for around 12 months
no issues to date, seem to be a reliable and reasonably efficient panel.

Regards, Linden
Commodore Aust

I sell these modules in Poland, I also have Longi and Seraphim modules. But I think Znshine are the best. I am surprised that you do not have them in Australia, which is full of dust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMW9n83yxVA