ZJ Beny EV charger review

I finally got my ZJBeny charger installed with the new Solar DLB (purchased directly from lz@zjbeny.com). When I powered up the unit, all seemed well (EV charger was green), and the screen on the Solar DLB showed arrows pointing away from the house towards the grid (exporting) with measurements too. To me, this meant the CT clamps were connected correctly. However, after an hour the EV charger started flashing orange once and red twice, continuously. The Z-Box app (nightmare to get working on an android phone) showed an “Abnormal” status. When I clicked into it, it showed there was a “DLB Wiring Failure”. The screen on the Solar DLB showed “Wiring Error”. When I reset the EV charger (by pressing and rotating the emergency button), it eventually went green again, and the Solar DLB showed everything was normal. However, after some time the above error/issue kicked in again.

Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on? This the first time my Electrician has installed a ZJBeny EV charger and Solar DLB, and he said he followed the manual from the new Solar DLB.

Just created an account to say thanks to your post, helped me with my installation. I installed what maybe one of the first ZJ Beny Single Phase charger OCPP version last week and here’s what I found out:
The OCPP version does not have Bluetooth and won’t work with Z-Box App. I have confirmed this with ZJ Beny and also told Ultipower Flow whom I bought it off.
The OCPP version therefore must be used with any OCPP App lik ChargeHQ to control charging. It works as intended charging my newly received Atto 3 off excess solar only, feeding off data from Fronius Smart meter so no Solar DLB required.
It can works as a dumb charger with NFC Card as confirmed by ZJ Beny, have not tested this yet because I setup with ChargeHQ.

@Bigboomboom , thanks for your info about the OCPP version of this charger working with ChargeHQ. I recall it was mentioned earlier in this thread that with this charger it will always be pulling in 6 amps, so it may be using some grid usage. The user that mentioned that was using the solar DLB box. Is your ChargeHQ set up also pulling in 6A minimum at any time?

Yes, it needs min 6A. You can choose to set min higher but it can’t go lower than 6A.

@Bigboomboom , if the clouds roll in and there isn’t 6A worth of excess solar, will it start taking power from the grid to make up that 6A, or instead will it cease charging until at least 6A of excess solar is available again?

Yes, it will pull 6A from the grid, it won’t stop charging. I believe it’s entirely possible for it to stop charging and wait until there’s solar excess but that’s on ChargeHQ as the charger is completely controlled by ChargeHQ.

Hi all. Finally got the latest solar DLB unit installed. Everything is working fine except when I start charging in PV mode it comes up with Max Current as only 6amps? I thought this was supposed to increase and decrease with your solar output? Have contacted both the distributer and customer service at head office, but no solutions so far. Does anyone else have this issue? And I have set the Max amps to 32 in the app.

@ChrisB, in PV mode, the system will only charge at a maximum of 6 amps when there is very little or no solar generation. If you want to charge at a higher rate overnight, you will need to change modes. I find it a bit annoying having to change operating modes between day and night opertion.

I think Night Automatic Full Speed Mode takes care of that. According to the docs for the new DLB unit: “In this mode the EV charger will remain charged at full speed (Pm20:00- Am6:00).”

I found the ct’s a real pain, as mine didn’t have any arrows marked on them.
I can only suggest you turn around both ct’s, not just one, so they face in the other direction.
Also, the 240 volt supply to the SLDB must be on the same phase as the charger supply. It probably is already, but just in case the sparkie picked this up from say the light circuit thinking this is just a reference voltage, in actual fact it is a reference phase angle I believe.
Good luck.

I’ve been told to try Hybrid mode but to switch it on at the dlb unit rather than the app. I’ll try that later today. Fingers crossed!

I probably have the latest version of the SDLB, as mine has arrows.

Below is a drawing from my sparkie on how he says it is connected.

Assuming the writing on my ct’s matches the arrows on yours then they seem to be correctly installed.
At the moment, with the sun shining and the charger on, the SLDB display is showing arrows pointing towards the house icon both from the solar and the grid.
My charger is using more than the solar can supply as it’s 4 in the afternoon.
Your problems are a mystery to me.
Please post if you solve it.

That looks like the connections for the old DLB box, not the new one.

I’m pretty sure it’s the new one, since I recently got it from ZJ Beny directly. Do you have reference on how it should be connected?

I posted a link to the new manual up the thread a bit – it contains the wiring diagram. The main CT should be be on the wire coming from the grid, before the solar connection, so it can measure both incoming and outgoing current (before the main switch in your sketch).

Thanks, I’ll let my Sparkie know.

I noticed the manual shows L, N, PE, where the CT only goes over the L wire. I don’t think my sparkie stripped the actual cable to single out the L wire (assuming these 3 wires are within a single cable). Is this a problem?

That’s extemely unlikely to be the case in the places he’s marked.

Hi, I am from Spain.

We have installed the electric car charger with the normal dlb box (not the solar one) it has only a ct.
The problem we have is that when the panels are working and we put the current at which it has to charge in the dlb box, the charger stops working if the current is 10A or more: the lights that appear are: one yellow and two red.
when we do the same with the pv disconnected, the charger works without problems

Someone can help? Is the problem on the ct?