ZJ Beny EV charger review

I thought I’d share my experience installing a ZJ Beny EV charger. This is by far one of the best value ‘smart’ EV chargers available at only $675, including one CT clamp.

Overall, the charger appears to be well made and comes with all the accessories to enable load-balancing using the DLB box (included).
One frustrating thing is that the PV (solar-only) charging feature requires a different Solar DLB Box, as the standard DLB which comes with the unit is non-directional and only works with basic load-balancing. I’m in the process of ordering the solar DLB unit.
The plastic front cover is quite thin and just snaps on, but it looks great once installed.

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Hi Svarky,
Are you able to check whether the OCPP server address is configurable (this would allow the use of a custom server/app rather than the ZJ Beny default).

The configuration for it probably requires navigation to the charger on the local network once the charger is connected to WiFi. If you can navigate to it by entering the ip address of the charger in your browser and report back you findings it would be much appreciated.


@Nef, I do not have the OCPP settings on my app. I have the smart DLB model (BCP-A2N-L).

OCPP is optional, so you have to order the specific model with this feature…

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Thanks for the reply @Svarky

Yeah, I was wondering/hoping that the models with L at the end (which are more widely available) were actually just preconfigured P models with the OCPP server pointing to whatever ZJ BENY’s app uses.

Did you happen to see what comes up when navigating to the charger on your LAN through a web browser? (note: it probably doesn’t have as its LAN IP address like the screeshots below show)

BTW, I’m also waiting on an ATTO 3!

Here’s the DLB box installed in the meterbox. As mentioned earlier, a separate (optional) Solar DLB box and additional CT clamp are required to enable the solar charging modes. The normal DLB box comes with one non-directional CT clamp and cannot be used to enable solar-only charging!
One bonus is that the DLB box is powered by the ethernet cable connected to the charger, so no power connection is required in the switchboard.

I’m not sure what the price of the Solar DLB box is yet?

Automating EV Charging with a Solar Array is actually the main reason why I’m so interested in OCPP compatibility.

By running an OCPP server on my network, I’ll be able to schedule charging and limit amps based upon solar production and whether the house batteries are full.

@Nef Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the charger on my LAN network. I’m not familiar with the OCPP protocol, but it sounds impressive and I’m keen to learn how to use it to manage solar charging.

@Svarky There’s a couple of options on how OCPP helps integrate ev charging with solar generation.

There are companies that run a service (eg. chargehq) that will pull data from compatible solar inverters and adjust you ev charger appropriately. In this case you would change the OCPP server address to that of the service provider.

My plan is to do the above through my existing home automation system, which already has access to my solar system. The home automation system (Home Assistant) has an OCPP server “addon”, which an EV Charger can be configured to point to if it supports OCPP.

Regarding seeing the Beny on your network, is the app able to see it? If it can then it should be on the network. The easiest way is probably to look at the connected clients list on your router.

@Svarky where’d you get your kit from? has your atto3 arrived yet? mine is due start of November. keen to hear how it’s working for you if you’ve already had it up and running.

@MurseCode_MurseCode I got the Atto 3 last week, and it’s a very nice vehicle. It drives really well, and I’m getting around 400km range with a combination of city and country driving.
As for the ZJ Beny charger, it’s been working great, and I’ve had no problems with charging. The only issue I’ve had is the App sometimes freezes, and I have to restart my phone, which is annoying.

I received the Solar DLB Box on the weekend. It costs $155 inc GST, and here’s what’s inside the package - The Solar DLB box, din rail, network cable to connect it to the charger, and 2 x CT clamps, one for solar and one for the main house loads. (Although, the ZJ Beny charger comes already comes with one CT clamp and a network cable, so now I have some spares)

This is the single-phase unit. I’m not sure how the 3-phase unit would look as it would need a total of 6 CT clamps, 3 for the solar, and 3 for the loads?

I’ll install it tomorrow and provide an update and some photos.

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@Svarky I am getting my ZJ Beny from Ultipower for my Atto 3 but they said they are aware of an issue with the DLB Unit and is not working. I assume this is what you mean in your original post. Whereabouts do you order the Solar DLB unit that you have above? Planning on using primarily my solar power.

@vinzees the DLB unit which comes with the charger works no problem. But, it does not support the solar only charging feature which is why you need the Solar DLB. I purchased mine through Tradezone but I’m a licenced solar installer and I have a trade account. I’m not sure where else they are available.

Here’s the Solar DLB box installed (There were no instructions). It’s a little strange to use as the settings start from the “Only PV Mode” then go into “hybrid mode” which you set the current limit from 1A all the way to 99A. Then, after you reach 99A, you can finally select the “Full speed mode”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get it work as I keep getting an error and the Charger enter fault mode saying that the CT’s are not connected correctly (even though I doubled checked them several times). The problem may be that the CT clamps that come with the Solar DLB are different to the CT that comes with the charger. I just used the existing CT clamp from the charger as it was already installed and I noticed the red and white wires were in opposite. (I’ll double check the CT model numbers tomorrow). It’s very strange if they are different and will no doubt cause a lot of confusion.

UPDATE: See the setup wiring diagram shown later in this comment threat. The CT clamps need to be installed in an unusual configuration.

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Can you lock and unlock the charger using the app?

Do you have the CT connected after your solar joins the mains power, so you’re measuring total consumption including solar?

(I ask partly because this looks to me to be a difficult thing to do in a typically wired Oz fuse box.)

You can turn off plug and play. I too don’t have an EV yet, 6months wait became 13 months, so I don’t the actual effect of this. However there doesn’t appear to be remote access via the App, you must be on the same Wifi or using Bluetooth.

Interesting… The datasheet shows that the charger has Wi-Fi connection so it should be able to be controlled remotely.

also, what EV car are you getting?

@D05HY yes, you can lock and unlock the charger using the app. There is a setting called “Control charging Via App” so you have to use the App to start and stop charging.

However, what @Michael_D said is correct, the WiFi and app will only work if you are connected to the same WiFi network as the charger. (It doesn’t let you remotely control the charging process from another location)

I have an ATTO 3 . and installed zjBenny 32 amp single phase charger, with the aim to charge off my solar during the day. But Solar DLB doesn’t work, it keeps tripping out on Solar.
My supplier informed me that the DLB is made for EU and in 1-2 months they will supply me with an Aussie DLB !!! I am running zjBenny of Tarrif 33 .