ZJ Beny EV charger review

Having the same problem , I am a little disappointed the reason l purchased zjBenny was to charge from solar during the day . Let’s hope they come up with a custom AussieDLB or a software update !!!

@Doris_Trevor, I’m still having problems getting my Solar DLB to work correctly. I don’t know how the Solar DLB could be made for EU as they also use 230V mains, the same as Australia, so it doesn’t make any sense.

The charger itself is working great, it’s just this damn solar DLB box!

Jason, It is very frustrating, my electrician has spent hours trying to make the Solat DLB work .
The reason I purchased the zjbenny was to work on Solar , I hope the new Solar DLB works , whenever I get it .

@Doris_Trevor & @ShaneS,The ZJ Beny Technical support just sent me an email explaining the CT installation using the Solar DLB Box. I wish they had included this information (instructions) with the Solar DLB box!

The CT positions is not the standard way to setup CT’s compared to other EV chargers and inverters!

Have you tried the set up zjBenny technicians have sent you . Does it work on Solar now ?
Thanks for forwarding to me .

@Doris_Trevor Yes, it works! :+1: The CTs positioning is not the conventional way used by most other smart EV chargers. I wish they included the instructions and diagram with the Solar DLB box, it would have saved me a lot of frustration.

Thanks a lot , a big relief for me . Vaughn my electrician will be happy , he has spent a lot of time try to make ZjBenny work on Solar. Cheers Svarky

Right – that’s what I was saying above. I’m surprised you didn’t get the DLB Manual, which shows this arrangement:

@ShaneS, I didn’t get any manuals or documentation with the Solar DLB! So frustrating.

Glad it’s working now. No issues other than that it appears it will pull 6A from the grid if the solar isn’t adequate. (Although, I believe it needs a minimum of 6A to operate the charger)

Does anyone know if you can use a 3Phase solar DLB on a 1P ZJ Benny, I have been told no but cant imagine why not.

@Ricardo, I would assume the 3-Phase solar DLB would be programmed and configured differently to account for the load balance across 3 individual phases. Plus, the solar supply would be 3-phase.

Did you accidentally get the 3-phase version? Do you have any photos or details?

Probably too late, but still:

I have a later version that also covers the 3-phase version, but I forget where I got it from. If anyone wants it, yell – I can’t seem to upload it here.

That’s pretty standard, to avoid the car’s contactors from too much switching on and off. There was an early EV where this sort of behaviour was blamed for damaging the car. The default eco mode on the Zappi does the same, and they do advise you to use it rather than their eco+ mode.

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Fellow sparky here, I had to order the Solar DLB separately (go figure) and have everything just need to install.

So when the Solar drops below a certain level, eg night time, will it still pull 6A from the grid?

I would have thought it should just shut off charging completely? Or is that a setting on the DLB you can switch between modes?

My zjbeny supplier is still advising me to wait for the upgraded Aussie Solar DLB and not to rewire as in the readvised wiring diagram . .
I am totally confused now. Will I pay my electrician now or wait for Aussie Solar DLB ???
Comments please …

You either set a schedule or disconnect overnight. In fact there’s an option to recognise that if you’re trying to charge between 8pm and 6am, you probably want to ignore the solar side and just use full power.

During the day, you don’t want the charger giving up at the first cloud, and you don’t want it constantly cycling on and off.

@Doris_Trevor, You can still use the charger without the solar DLB box, just lower the charging rate if the weather is cloudy. I would wait because if you have many load circuits like most households do, then it can be very difficult (maybe even impossible) to install the current solar DLB box.

I have spoken to the engineers at ZJ-Beny, and they are developing a new Solar DLB that will use a CT clamp on the incoming mains which is much easier to install (I’m assuming this is the Aussie Solar DLB you are referring to)

Thanks again,I will wait for the New Solar DLB box. Hopefully the Engineers will come up with a simple solution and manufacture the unit in the near future . Cheers Svarky

That’s excellent news.

A question, if I may? I have two solar inverters – it’s just a matter of running both active wires through the same CT, yes? I see the images you post show examples of more than one wire going through a CT.

@ShaneS Yes, there’s no reason why two single-phase solar inverters couldn’t use the one CT clamp.

Cool, thanks. I’m tempted to go ahead with just the evse and add the new DLB box when it appears – my fuse box is really not set up for the current one.