ZJ Beny EV charger review

I think you’d want the sum, not the difference – the house load is all power from the grid plus whatever is provided from the solar inverter.

Hi @Ando , I think I am having a similar issue to you. I have a 3 Phase ZJ Beny installed with the 3 phase DLB. CT grid clamps have been installed as per @Svarky 's advice. I also have a 12.5 kW PV system. The Charger runs fine when the solar is not running or the output is relatively low, however when the output from the solar increases above a certain limit the charger stops, displays a red light, and records an error on the app. Going to discuss this further with my electrician to see if they can work out what may be causing this issue.

@Bevs Interesting. I’m not much help.

I did a bunch of trouble-shooting today selecting different options from the PV Dynamic Load Balance menu.
I even trying turning off “Grounding Detection”.
The only way I could get an extended charge from any of the options, was by reducing the max charge to 8 A.
But even then when the house load went over what my PV was producing, the unit faults, flashing 1 yellow, 2 red, for “Current Abnormal”.
I have 2 X 5kw inverters, and an export limiter, so not sure if that’s the reason for the error?

If I turn off the PV-DLB function, I can increase my Max Charge to 16 A, and charge normally. But that just defeats the purpose of buying this specific charger for PV only charging. Time to revert to my installer.

Hello! I am in WA and wondering where everyone is getting the Solar DLB Module and the CT Clamps from? I cannot seem to find it anywhere online for a single phase setup.

@preeemo, Tradezone were selling them, but you need to have a trade account. However, they are no longer listed on Tradezone. I believe ZJBeny are redesigning the Solar DLB to address the issues and confusion around the installation and operation. They replied several months ago, saying they were working on a new version.

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Thanks for confirming. I reached out to Tradezone and they mentioned they don’t have them and there is no ETA. So without the Solar DLB, the EV charger will simply be the same as any other home device and can’t guarantee pure solar charging.

I guess the alternative is to get the OCPP model of this charger (which I cannot find anywhere) or get a Zappi V2 (which is a lot more expensive when you consider you also need the my energi hub, and an extra CT clamp).

I negotiated a price with my solar installer to also install the EV charger (that I supply on my own), but they cannot wait much longer. It looks like I have no choice but to install the ZJBeny without the solar DLB :frowning:

Hi @preeemo .
Solargain here in WA seem to have the Solar DLB kits.
They pulled a 3phase one out of their Warehouse very quickly last week for me.
Perhaps see if Solargain can install it for you, instead of your Solar Installer.
Although I’d be interested to see if Solargain would be able to get a single phase version working properly, because my 3 phase version isn’t.

If you can’t find a local supplier of an OCPP unit, you could try here …

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Thanks for that. I reached out and they are currently out of stock. Their install price was higher than another install quote I got with a fully kitted Zappi V2 (with an extra CT clamp, and my energi hub)

A quick read through all the extensive comments here and I have to say I am put off by the issues and “weird” ct setup. Not sure the attractive initial cost will end up so attractive if you add the additional required DLB and 6 CT’s (three phase).
I’m a sparky too, and have upgraded my supply for “a” charger. In my case to save expensive house mains upgrade, I put in a new meter box/main board, now feeding existing house board (with PV inverters), and a new sub main to the EV charger point. So unless some fancy CT wiring can provide a suitable resultant for the DLB, the Beny does not seem feasible for me.
I expected/designed for directional CT’s in the main board, sensing net export/import to the grid. Maybe the coming Aussie DLB will have that arrangement, and may solve the issues raised here, but I think I will look at other options.

@Svarky @preeemo

Solargain have confirmed with ZJ Beny that the provided Solar DLB provided is for Euro settings.

ZJB are sending Solargain the DLB with Oz settings.

My Aussie DLB finally arrived,installed and working as original claimed.
Worth the wait, excess energy from house goes to ATTO 3.


Great news. Did it come with an updated installation document that you can share? Who was the supplier?

Svarky,In hospital , knee reconstruction.
Will get back to when I get home

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I have the new DLB box installed and working as it should.

I was sent the original DLB box, after many, many hours couldn’t get it to work.

So, IMPORTANT tricks to get the new version working.

It is critical to not only install the CTS on the correct cables, but they MUST face the right way.
The solar ct must have the brand name facing towards the point of supply from the panels.
The grid ct must have the brand name facing towards the incoming grid supply.
The booklet doesn’t tell you this.

If you get this right it will show arrows on the screen pointing towards the little house icon.

The 240 bolt supply must be on the same phase as the ev charger. It probably would be anyway, but no mention of this in the booklet.

In the directions booklet that come with the new DLB, where it says push both plus and minus buttons for 5 seconds then push for 5 seconds but only where it says 5 seconds.
Wherever else you need to push both plus and minus it’s only a brief push, don’t hold or you’ll end up on the wrong screen.
The booklet doesn’t tell you this.

It took my mate and me, both sparkies, all morning to find these critical little tricks.


@Charlie1 Is the new DLB unit, the Aussie version?

It doesn’t specifically state it’s the Australian one but the manual is in English (a few spelling mistakes) and most importantly it works, increasing the charge as the solar increases and decreasing as load in the house increases.

Can you tell us who supplied it?

Is there a picture of the wiring diagram you could snap and upload somewhere? Or the model number?


Originally I got the non Australian version from Ultipower but after I couldn’t get it working emailed ZJBeny who eventually supplied the correct version.



Here are some pics that should help you.

A conventional wiring diagram is downloaded when you upgrade the firmware via your phone.

Good luck.

Note the picture of the SDLB doesn’t show the screen very well just because it doesn’t photograph well.

Also, the arrow showing the power flow is pointing away from the house towards the grid as it is exporting when the photo was taken.


Thank you! Looks like a whole new box with different dimensions, too.

Another important note to add is that the wiring diagrams are appears to be different between the download version with the upgraded firmware and the booklet supplied.
The booklet one is correct, monitoring the incoming supply, not the load going out.