Upgrade 10 kw Solar with additional different Inverter

I’m planning to upgrade my existing 10 kw Huawei Sun 2000 Hybrid System with an additional Deye 10 kw Hybrid Inverter ,Battery and Panels. But as I’m not an expert I like to get the opinions of other people who may know if that will work. Off course I will ask also the Installer, but more then one opinion is always better.

Do you mean you want to replace the Huawei inverter with the Deye inverter, or add an additional Deye inverter and new solar panels?

Where are you located? Different countries may have different restrictions so you may need to export limit the new inverter which should not be an issue with the Deye inverter.

The Deye will be my second Inverter with additional 20 Panels and in the beginning with a 10 kw Battery. May be later I will add another one. And I’m planning not to Export any Power to the Grid as here in Thailand you almost get nothing for. I have an electric Car (BYD Seal) what needs to be loaded, so more than enough options to use the Power.