Two 3-phase solar Canberra ACT

Canberra located home. North facing good roof pitch and minimal shade. 3 phase power already existing.
Two quotes from suppliers that have offices located by in the ACT. Both with good reviews. One slightly better reviews but somewhat more expensive.
Supplier A.
1 x SolarEdge SE 5000H Inverter
20x Jink cheats PERC 330w
System Size 6.6kw

Supplier B.
Huawei SUN 2000 6kw 3ph 2MPPT smart meter
24 x jinko 330w JKM330-60h
System sz 7.92 kwp

Fronius Symo 6.0 kw 3 phase Inverter
Panels - Jinko (same as above) x 24
7.92 kwp

Sungrow SG-10KLT-MT10KW Three inverter
29 Jink panels - same as above
System 9.57 kwp

I have another quote but that includes a battery but from reading your reviews I think I might leave that for the moment? Also we may not be in this house in 5-6 years. Retiring having owned the house for 23 years.

Thoughts Please.

Hi @NeridaS

What is your average daily kWh energy consumption or how much are your bills? If it is med/high I would definitely go with the larger Fronius/Jinko system.

Solaredge would be best if your roof has shading issues. You mentioned minimal shading but was this in summer or winter? Minimal shading in summer would mean lots of shade in winter.


Hi and thanks. Trees are to the east of the house. there doesn’t seem to be an issue with shading, in winter either.
Usage. Good question. We only have six months of reliable usage since converting from old in-slab heatng to ducted reverse cycle. Before that winter usage was astronomical being 40-70 kw per day .
The avg kw per day for the 2019 calendar year was 33 kw per day and at an annual cost of. 2300.
And that’s the lowest bill I have had ever.
Previously two years:
2018 - 16500 kw used - $2750
2017 - 14266 kw used - $2500.
So we haven’t had a winter with the new system. But the avg from jul 19 to jan 2020 has been 26.5 kw per day.

Ok, your consumption is high so I’d be definitely be going with the larger Fronius system or even the Sungrow system as it’s nearly 10kW. That will ensure you cover the high winter loads!

I’d also advise that you ask the solar installer to quote the additional energy meter (CT) if they haven’t already. That way you can monitor your consumption and solar generation.

Good luck