Solar quote *Newcastle NSW*

My home is fully insulated walls and ceiling, 3 phase power and ducted air conditioner. I have received a quote from Aztech Solar Newcastle for a 12.95Kw system involving 35 x Rec Alpha series 370Kw panels, SMA Tripower 10000TL - 3 Phase Inverter, tin roof install for $15,000.
Please note following warranties apply to this 12.95kw system.

  • Panels (Parts and Labour) = 25 years
  • Panels (Linear Performance Warranty) = 25 years
  • Inverter = 10 years
  • Workmanship = 12 years
    Is this quote too dear and would I be better off changing to another N cell panel of lower cost such as Jinko Tiger or different 3 phase inverter?
    Your replys would be greatly appreciated,
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Hi Al

It’s a good quality system. Do you need it to be that big? How much electricity to you use a month on average?

I reckon you could get that system a couple grand cheaper. It seams reasonably dear, but not sure any other ins and outs. It’s worth seeing what they’ll charge you for Jinko Tigers, but also I would get alternative pricing for the same system, just to have something to compare with.


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Hi Marty,

Thankyou for the reply, its much appreciated.

We have ducted air in the new home and will install a plunge pool. Unfortunately in our present home we have 5.5Kw of solar spread evenly on north and west roof and find in winter when output goes down we have a high electricity bill which we want to avoid in new home. Also a battery to install in next 12 months.

I have taken your advice and emailed another solar installer for a quote on the same system and will follow up Jinko Tiger prices.



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Hi Al,
How did you go?
Im looking at 10kw hybrid 3phase