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My 9.765 kW system was installed completely on 9 September 2019 in Monash ACT without a hitch. Production hit the 60+ kWh mark, peaking at 68.84 kWh, on the days not affected by smoke last summer.

SolarHub installed my system - Fronius SYMO 10 Inverter with Jinko Cheetah PERC 315 W solar panels. I would definitely recommend this company. They dealt with my questions without a fuss and assisted with my smart meter upgrade application.

Although I have not estimated my payback period, I am happy with my system. The information from CER and the forum was very helpful in my choices. What I would do differently the next time is to choose panels that are more efficient on cloudy days. Battery storage would be revisted if the price is attractive.

Presently, I am paying Origin Electricity a flat rate 20.48 cents/kWh, while my feed in tariff is 8 cents/kWh. After I have a full year of production and consumption data, I’ll switch to another retailer or plan whose FIT is 11 cents. Higher FITs are available in ACT for Tme of Use plans, which I am not keen on.

Hi Everyone, I am seeking feedback on the quotes below for solar installation on a tiled, predominantly East-West oriented roof in Canberra. 3-Phase power runs to the house. The brief was to quote for a system that caters for 12000 kWh/year consumption. Anticipated self-consumption is about 40% initially to increase steadily until a battery is added.

Quote 1 SolarGain: 9.77 kW system - Fronius Symo 8.2 kW Dual Tracker / 31xJinko 315W JKM315M-60 (3 strings of panels) - $9290.
Average daily production - 36.2 kWh.

Quote 2 SolarGain: 9.77 kW system - 31 x Enphase IQ7 250W Micro Inverters / 31xJinko 315W JKM315M-60 (3 strings of panels) -$10899.
Average daily production - 38.9 kWh.

Quote 3 SolarHub: 9.9 kW system - Fonius Symo 10 (3-Phase) / 33 Jinko PERC 300W (3 strings of panels) -$12969.80.
Average daily production - 38.13 kWh.

Quote 4 SolarHub: 6.6 kW system - SolarEdge SE6000H / 22xSolarEdge 300W Smart Panels - $10670.80.
Average daily production - 28.33 kWh.

Quote 5 SolarHub: 6.6 kW system - Fronius Primo 6.0-1 / 22xJinko PERC 300W - $10013.
Average daily production - 27.34 kWh.

Note there are additional extras ($2138) in each SolarHub quote for meter box upgrade, hot water timer and for the solar split array.

Quote 6 Solar4Life: 7.8kW system - SMA Sunny TripPower / 26xElite Mono ET300W panels and 26xTigo Optimisers - $11350.
Average daily production Not Provided.

Quote 7 Solar4Life: 7.8kW system - SolarEdge inverter / 26xSolarEdge 300W Smart Panels - $12550
Average daily production Not Provided.

Which two quotes are most favourable and value for money?

Hi mrufus

We are retailers based in Brisbane. We are CEC approved Retailers and can arrange installation in Canberra through CEC licenced installers.

Unless installation costs in Canberra are way more expensive than Brisbane we would quote these 10kW systems for at least $1,000 less except for the system with Enphase micro inverters which would be very close to the quote.

The 6.6kW systems look over priced.

Please let me know if you would like to receive quotes for each system from us. I would of course prefer to have a chat to understand your requirements prior to quoting.

Thanks and Best Regards

Ivan Colaco

See our Solar Power Canberra page

Hi @mrufus

Roughly calculated you would want about 8kW size system to generate about 12000kWh a year. Probably better to go higher as well if you are looking at adding batteries. I think the pricing is fine. Fronius and Enphase both good options (the Symo are old 3 phase I believe btw). Jinko is fine too. SMA and ET with optimisers should be a good option too, but I don’t think worth more than the SolarGain systems. Although, as we always say, getting the right installer is worth a lot, so depends who you feel more comfortable with.

Hi @3VisoSolar, assuming you are taking into account fewer STCs in Canberra than Brisbane? Canberra is zone 3 and Brisbane zone 2 I think?


Hi Ivan,
Thank you for responding. Regarding your comment about the 6.6kW systems being overpriced, the solar price calculator suggests high end estimates of $8570 for the SolarEdge system and $8859 for the Fronius/Jinko system. Can’t say whether the $2138 extras are incorporated into the calculator estimate. I suspect not.

Regarding your offer, I prefer an approved retailer and installer that has a presence in Canberra. No offense to you.


Hi @mrufus

No I have not included any electrical extras in the calculator, so that should be added on.

Hi @Marty,

Thanks for the feedback. I have narrowed the selection to the Enphase/Jinko and the Fronius Symo/Jinko systems.