Tracer8420AN MPPT solar charge controller and panel setup

hi i have a epever Tracer8420AN 80A 200v solar charger with 3x 300w panels, panels are 24v 12.5A according to spec’s connected in parallel i get on average around 26 volts but the max ive ever seen is about 40A in summer full sun under half that now in winter and my solar cant keep up i have 4x 135Ahr AGM running 12v setup the book says 1000w max but reading some also say can run more panels as long as you dont go over the voltage and amps of the charger so my question is i guess can i add more panels say 4 total (or more linked in 2x series and 2 x parallel increasing the voltage from 24 to 48 and in theory it would drop the amps from 37.5 to 25 or 6 panels voltage 72 and amps 37.5 ? would this work or blow the charger as the math i just cant understand cheers

I don’t know much about off grid systems @ozzimadman. However, just looking at this from the info you’ve given. If you’ve got a solar charge controller with max input voltage of 200V and rated at 80A, I’m struggling to see what the problem could be with adding more panels? What book says 1000W max?