Oversized pv arrays

Hello friend I have epever mppt charge controller with specs 40amp 150volt and 12v/520watt, further support 12-48volts
I have installed 330watt 2 panels in series which make total 660watt and more than the recommended wattage but it’s never cross 411watt, 80volts and 30amp,
It’s mean pv power or watts doesn’t matter more than amps and volts. but if I connect another 330 it will cross watt and amps it may reach to 43-45amp volt will remain in range. what sitting you people recommend me. I think Victron mppt support high amp than recommended. Epever doesn’t support. I am thinking to install 400watt 2 panels to replace 330, so pv oversized but amp will jump from 30amp to 38,40. so amp and volts will remain in range. I think every company should keep weather temperature and conditions. So 30% pv should be added. My current weather temperature is 34c summer.

What battery charge voltage settings did you use? 14.4V?

Also, what is the panel orientation?

The battery voltages look correct. Remember the MPPT will not go over the charge or float voltage if the battery is nearly full so you may not see the full power output very often. It might only produce full power for 10 to 20 minutes per day.

Is the solar panel mounted flat or at an angle?