Solar panel higher volts than mppt charger spec

Good morning all

I have a Synapse 12v 2.4 kw inverter connected to two hubble 12volt batteries in series and two 455 watt panels on the roof.

The mppt charger has a maximum of 1000watts

In the middle of the day I get about 800w from the panels.

If I add another 455watt panel, my panel watts would increase to about 1400watts, that is more than the mppt charger limit.

My question is: If I use for ex. 700 watts from the inverter with appliances in the house, and I get maybe 1300watts from the panels, the excess is about 600watts.

Because this 600 watts is below the mppt charger limit, will the charger use this full 600watts to charge my batteries while i use 700watts AC in the house?

Or will I just lose everything that is above 1000watts?

Thank you for any replies


@Redge your question is a little confusing. It is a DC-coupled system so all the power generated from the solar array will pass through the MPPT, so it doesn’t matter if you are using any energy in the house.

What model MPPT are you using?

Hi Svarky, thank you for the answer. I made a mistake it is 24V not 12V.The inverter is Synapse 3V+.
I don’t know the exact type of MPPT, but the specs say max 1000Watt.
Would I damage the MPPT if I connect 1365 watt panels? That would be 3 x 455Watt in paralell.
In winter that woul sometimes give less than 1000watt but in summer it would be more.

I just look it up and the Synapse inverter is actually just a rebranded Voltronic inverter. They do not have a very good reputation so I would not recommend going over the specified limit.

It’s probably safer just to buy a separate MPPT that can handle the extra solar. For example, the EPever AN series MPPT can be oversized by 150%.

Here’s some good information about oversizing solar - Oversizing solar on MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Thank you Svarky, very helpfull, I will rather stick to my 2 x 455watt panels. I do wonder though, If I would have put on 2x495watt panels and the conditions are absolutely perfect, they would probably give a bit more than 1000Watts, if that would have worked.
Appreciate your answer

Hi Svarky, would i connect the second charger directly to the batteries, will it not interfere with the charger in the inverter?

Yes, you can connect multiple MPPT solar charge controllers to the same battery. The second charger needs to have the same charge voltage settings. Although, since they will be different brands, it’s better to have the second MPPT charge controller voltage slightly lower (less by 1V) so that they don’t conflict. (It will just go into float voltage first)

Could I connect a basic 20A24c solar charge controller (ACDC CML-20)
to the battery? I ask because I already have one

Another typo 20A 24V sorry

Yes, it should be fine to use

Thank you once again