Oversizing solar on MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Hello guys. I have a client who wants to buy MPPT charge controllers. He wants a charge current of 20A at 24V configuration and a total input PV array of 650watts.

I tried all suppliers in China and a few in Europe and they don’t seem to have that spec. The spec that can handle 650W are the 30A ones but client insists on 20A.

Can anyone please help me with a supplier of there is any such controller on the market?


@Alloy yes, some higher quality MPPT solar charge controllers such as those from Victron Energy let you oversize the solar and put up to 750W on a 20A unit. Just be careful not to go over the INPUT current limit of the charge controller.

The Victron 100/20 is able to handle more than the nominal rating listed on the spec sheet.

Hi Svarky,

Thanks for your reply. I suggested the Epever (TRACER-AN-SMS-EL-V1.0) 20A/24V MPPT controller for the client but wanted to be sure I am doing the right thing.

I saw the Victron but the cost would be deterrent considering our situation here.

Thanks for your your confirmation. Your reply has really been a respite to me.


King Alloy

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