Selecting a MPPT Solar Charger Controller?

I just signed up to the group. I hope I’m in the right location .
I have 4 Coleman 150 Solar panels @ 12v . What is size control should I use . I am going to use it to run a mid size Refrigerator self defrost in a off grid cabin . Only used on weekends.
Can anyone give me some advice

Hi and welcome @Gforce.

@Svarky is your man for this one. Have you read our Best Solar Charge Controller article?


Hi @Gforce

A really quick way of working this out is to add up the total amount solar wattage and divide it by the battery voltage to determine maximum amps:

150W x4 = 600W

600W / 12V = 50A

So you will need a 50A Solar charge controller.

Here’s is some more details about selecting a solar charge controller.

Here is some detailed insight into the more powerful MPPT solar charge controllers

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