High power 500W+ panels paired with MPPT - Authorized dealer in CA

Goal is to have at least a thousand watt or higher with a maximum of two solar panels only. Will be pairing this with the MPPT solar charger controller. Mainly looking for residential or RV use.

Would you please give me some recommendations?

@dxplorer11 there is no reason why you cannot connect 2 x 500W+ panels using one MPPT as long as you don’t exceed the input voltage (Voc) of the charge controller.

Which panels and MPPT are you looking to use exactly? What battery voltage?

Trying to find panels at least 500+ watt only for residential use. Don’t have a MPPT yet. I have 3 Battleborn batteries and possibly adding more in the future.

100 Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

It will be very hard to source 500W+ panels as they are typically sold in bulk (pallets) lots for large scale solar farms. You will have more luck finding 400 to 450W panels.

A quick calculation: 1000W / 12V = 83A, So you would need a powerful 60A to 80A MPPT charge controller. It would be much more efficient a less costly to go with a 24V battery system (12V batteries in series)

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I can get up to 80A MPPT charge controller anytime if I want to, no problem with that.

I just need help where to find an Authorized dealer here in the US.