Off-grid solar Charger question

Hello, I have a small offgrid system at my cabin with a typical setup of lead acid battery bank (12V) with a 100A Charge controller and a 3500w pure sine wave inverter. I am looking to upgrade my inverter and change my battery bank to 24v (as well as someday add a backup generator.)

Can I use a hybrid charger/inverter and still keep my original charge controller in the system or does that disapper from the system since the charger/inverter does both? I want to get something in the 5k to 6k watt range…thoughts on most reliable units either charger/inverter or inverter only?


Yes you can use the original charge controller if you use an inverter/charger like the Victron multiplus.
Note that you will also need the Victron BMV (battery monitor) to monitor the battery SOC, voltage etc.

Victron is definitely considered one of the best options and also very good value for money.