Must a battery inverter/charger kw output match system kw output

Good day to everyone. I think my head is spinning right now and I am confused by the voltage output of a product and the watt output, specifically when choosing a charger inverter for an off-grid battery system. Victron rates every product in voltage output. I understand that the voltage output of components in a system must be equal too or greater than the voltage output of the PV array.

What is confusing me is this, must the watt output of an inverter/charger match the watt consumption used by the household? Example: Victron multi-plus inverter/chargers are rated at 500/600/1200 (tagged with kw output) volts. An array with 16 panels with 37.4v per panel will output 600v, so the component must output more than 600v to meet safety requirements. The same PV array generates 5.3kw. Must the kW output of the charger/inverter match? Assistance with this would be highly appreciated.

@Svarky this sounds like the same thing that @Francisco is asking in the other post actually.
InstalaciĆ³n ongrid fronius primo 6 kw

Hi Glenn,

You seems to be very confused and it sounds like you have no solar/electrical experience and what you are attempting can be dangerous (any voltage above 50V is dangerous).

Where are you located? You should really consult someone with solar or electrical experience.
You are confusing the solar array string voltage with the battery Inverter power output rating. The solar is not connected to the battery inverter/charger. In an off-grid Victron system the solar array is connected to the solar charge controllers.