Upgrading existing offgrid system

My existing system consists of 4.25 kW of panels, outback charge controller, Selectronic PS1 inverter charger, 48v 640 Ahr gel batteries, and 4kVa Lister generator. My current usage is about 6kW-hrs per day. I am located in western Vic, plenty of sun except for mid winter. I intend to change a few things and will increase my daily consumption. I am happy to remove all this (except the Lister), and want to increase to 8-10kW of panels. What is the best direction?

Enphase micro inverters, Fronius solar inverter, or Victron solar regulators, feeding into either Selectronic PS1 inverter charger, or Victron Quatro inverter charger?
I will change the ageing batteries to Lithium and keep the Lister.

I intend to mount the panels on a new ground frame as I don’t have an adequate unshaded roof. The panels will be about 50m from the existing battery/inverter/generator housing which I would like to maintain. I could mount batteries etc. alongside the panels, but prefer not to, and won’t shift the generator.

I realise this question raises a lot of other questions. But would like some suggestions that may clarify my planning before I look for any quotes. Suggestions on size of Fronius inverter and batteries would help if the daily demand was to double.
I hope you can help and don’t think this is to much like ‘similar topics’ which have read and found useful.