Parallel different panels on one MPPT - Is this calculation alright?

I have the following system

consisting in two 100w panels in parallel connected in series with other 4 50w panels which are also in parallel between them.
the first produce ~200w via 18v x 11,1 amps
the later produce ~200w via 16v x 12,4a

when connecting them together in series the output shall be twice the lesser of their voltages times the lesser of the amps so:
32v x 11,1a ~ 355w, right?

then why would my controller show me this max with perfect sun irradiance?

The controller cannot find the MPP when using 2 different types of panels together in parallel. The PV voltage from the 4 panels in series is far too high (16 x 4 = 64V) in comparison to the 2 x 100W panels in series (2 x 18V = 36V)

When you have 2 different types of solar panels you have to use 2 different MPPT solar charge controllers.

If you cannot afford a second charge controller then you could try connecting the 4 x 50W panels in 2 groups of 2 in parallel (2 x 16V = 32V), this is much closer to the 36V from the 100W panels. However, the current will reduce to the 3.1A maximum across all panels.

@Svarky thanks for your answer, but I think you are mistaking something, the 4 50w panels are connected between them in parallel, so it’s their amperage what must is summed (as far as I have always understood), and the voltage maintained. then they are connected in series with the first 2x100w panels (which are in parallel between them 2), in this series connection the voltages should sum up, as per the controller is telling me, the voltages do sum up, but somehow maybe all the current is being routed through 1 of the 4 parallel small panels so the Amps stay as low as ~2