Solar charge controller in parallel to one battery

Hello friends any one has the experience to connect two solar charge controller to one battery bank for more current e.g each controller has 600watt pv and produce 25amp so in parallel it would be 50amp . My controller only support 30amp so that’s why thinking about to buy another device and panels for more backup

It’s very common to use 2 or more charge controllers on one battery. Just make sure all the controllers are programmed with the same charge voltage settings. You should always use the same size battery cable as well.

Some controllers, like Victron MPPTs, can communicate with each other.

Right, I also thought about two batteries in series but it will double the output and will damage 12v fans and lights , 2 batteries in parallel would be ok. But will both be charge and discharge equally?

A solar charge controller in parallel to one battery can help you manage your batteries and optimize their charging. Using multiple batteries for various applications, such as camping or off-the-grid living, is helpful. Using the solar charge controller, you can ensure that all your batteries are charged at the same rate and avoid overcharging any one battery. In addition, a solar charge controller will also protect your batteries from excessive deep discharges.
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