Thinkpower inverters

I am intended to give a review about ***“THINKPOWER KTL 15 INVERTER” with 5 years warranty .I have installed the unit about 18 months back in my country Pakistan (marketed by M/s NMC Energy Ltd).
Unfortunately ,by the last week of July I faced a problem of MPPT 2 shortage. I have contacted the company .There is no service centre of NMC in Pakistan .They are selling THINKPOWER with different trade marks like NMC & KNOX etc. The pretend that there will be a full replacement warranty of THINKPOWER will be available at site by them with backup of THINKPOWER.But there statements are false .
I think that the THINKPOWER is not a reliable inverter and it is wastage of money and time.


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It sounds like you’ve had a frustrating experience with the ThinkPower KTL 15 inverter. It’s unfortunate that you’re facing issues with the MPPT 2 shortage and that the company’s service and warranty support in Pakistan has not been satisfactory. It’s important to share your experiences to help others make informed decisions. If possible, you may want to consider reaching out to consumer protection organizations or forums to raise awareness about your experience with ThinkPower and M/s NMC Energy Ltd. you can buy solar from agni solar.

Bhai apka number mil jaega kindly. ? Meera number menee apko Inbox kia hai