25 yr Enphase warranty

In another thread there was mention of Enphase offering up to 25 yr warranties on their micro inverters. I was very surprised as I paid a deposit for my system running the Enphase micros and hadn’t been told about this - guessing they didn’t know.

I spoke to Enphase Australia today (goes through to the US anyway), and yes Enphase offer up to 25yrs on their micro inverters.

I was told once the system has been installed I can jump on the website and take out an Encare package.

Given the LG panels I bought are 25yrs this will be a great match - 25 yrs of not having to worry about the system.

Just posting here in case others are looking at the Enphase micro inverters and are not aware of the excellent warranty available.

Cheers - Chris


Hi Chris,
I’ve been looking for the original email about it (without any luck)
Installers that are “Enphase Premium Installers” (like us) will be able to offer the warranty at time of sale in about 3 months or less, they’re still working on a marketable package.
Enphase still has a large presence in Australia ‘ie’ they have an office, warehousing and heaven forbid handle warranty claims etc. here, however there support line went back to the USA about 12 months ago. They run 24 hrs a day there and supply support globally in the hrs of operation for each country. It’s cheaper for them, and better for us as all the front line happenings are sorted and dealt with within the USA. I have a go-to guy I talk to when there are issues with com’s etc his name is Josh we have become good mates over the last 12 months or so. Guess what I’m saying is it works and works well. I get handed directly to engineers if required for out of the ordinary design solutions etc. Which happens more often than most people realise :frowning: . About 1 in every 15 clients wants to bend the envelope, some wish to break it LOL.
To sum it up support from the USA is actually better for everyone concerned.

Kind Regards


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Just for shits and giggles I’ve sold another 4 systems LG/ Enphase in the last 3 days.


Thanks Den , great info and yes Josh has been a wealth of info over the last few months for me also. They’re also rolling out certification I believe for Enphase installers Australia wide which will be great for the customer - any dramas and Enphase get directly involved. Some great things ahead for the consumer👍

I read 90 days on the web. May be you can get 25 year if you pay more but I doubt it. Solar retailers can be quite creative, often quoting a 25 year panel warranty when they are talking about the relatively inconsequential performance warranty that is hard to prove and doesn’t even apply if the panels don’t last the common 10 year performance warranty.

Gday Frank - 90 days for what? Was that on the Enphase site? I haven’t gone through my installer at all. I spoke with Enphase who have confirmed the 25yr warranty. It’s through Encare on their site.
Each to their own hence the thorough homework everyone should do prior to laying down their hard earned. There’s are though some people out there that would tell you anything and sell their own mother to get a deal across the line. As for panel warranty it’s all in the fine print, people just need to do a little research.

Hi Chris,

I thought I saw that on the web but I can’t find it now. Maybe I got it wrong, I don’t deal with Enphase. I hardly hear them mentioned in Perth so I’m no authority on them. 25 years almost sounds to be too good to be true. The best I know of is SolarEdge - 12 years.

Do you know enough about Enphase to rate them as good value for money? From what I see they are recognized to be good but our heat might not be good for them on a roof.

When you say it’s through Encare, I’m guessing it is by way of additional payment? Personally I wouldn’t be paying much for an extra warranty for any solar product, but the last time I looked at the figures, Enphase they had been losing money for years. Even if they last the distance, who knows if the technology will still be relevant.

Your right. It’s a pity but people do misrepresent. Makes it hard for people to know who to believe. I take the view that the dodgy operators are there to make the rest look good. 

G’day Frank,

I haven’t seen the exact details of the extended warranty. If it’s like the warranty on LG panels then I believe it kicks any other inverter warranty out of the park. Once the system is installed and I have a look at the Encare details I’ll post.

From my own research I’m pretty confident they have a solid product. Heat will not be a problem as they are cycle tested to extreme cold and hot temps (85°C) at full loads and they’re fine - they are abused and tested beyond anything they would ever see in real life conditions.

I’m happy to pay extra if it’s a solid warranty, for me it’s a no brainer as it’s install and forget.

Enphase I think will be a huge player in the future of solar I think I this country from my research over the last few months - I wish I had bought 50 grands worth of their shares 12 months ago!!!

Here’s a vid that I have started watching.

Nothing I spose is perfect but they are a very high quality product and as the saying goes - you get what you pay for - cheers

Frank you might find this topic useful.

Den @Den_Thomson , who is in Bunbury, and Anthony @mexicansolarguy over in Mexico really swear by Enphase, and it’s ROI vs other inverters. They’ve done a bit of their own research. I’d love to hear other arguments for string inverters with or without optimisers (if there are any).

see also:

There’s one good argument for string straight off Marty - cost. I’m no expert but if I had a large section of roof that was orientated more to the north, where I could fill it with a lot of panels I prob would have gone a strong inverter as there would have been a considerable saving. Next door has a huge section of roof that would be just perfect for a mass install facing north hooked up to a quality sting inverter. I must admit I have spent a little more than I probably would have liked. If it wasn’t for the report of an installer having dramas with a certain product I probably would have ended up with a string inverter. The installer being (to me), very biased towards a certain product was the reason I went down the research path as they were a little over the top biased. Interesting to see others thoughts.

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