Sungrow Hybrid inverter and BYD battery

Hey there very new to the world of solar quotes seems fairly complicated???

Been quoted the above system… is it any good? Melbourne based…


Hi @watto68

That seems very cheap for a battery system. The quote also seems light on details. It would be good to get specifics of the product models they are planning on using (which Trina panels, and which Sungrow inverter exactly. Presumably it’s this one SH5K-20 Hybrid.

What do you think @Svarky?

Here’s our Sungrow inverter review:

And a battery comparison including BYD:

G’day Martin,

Thanks for taking the time… it does seem a very competitive price for the system… they have sort of hid the Federal Govt rebate loan of $1888.00 as a discount when in fact it is a 4 year interest free loan…

The panel specs are located here…

The inverter specs according Origins website (waiting for rep to spec exactly) are…

The battery specs… i can only put 2 links in so the battery is the BYD 7kWh


Just had confirmation the inverter is the Sungrow SH5K-20