South dakota - solar quotes

Any Feedback from the community is appreciated -

$24,500 Quote is for :

4.7Kw Solar Array ( Roof ) 12 panels.
12 opimizers
Solar Edge Story Edge Invertor
9,9 LG Chem Battery
Auto Tranformer
Back Up Load Panel

Monthly (avg) Home Usage is about 4Kw.

Hi @FilterSquad, welcome - our first post from South Dakota I believe.

$24,500 is a lot of money to spend on a 5kW system, even if it does have batteries.

Can I please clarify a couple of things? What is the reason you are wanting batteries? Is it energy independence, or financial reasons? The reason I ask is that it is very unlikely to be financially worth while.

Also, when you say your usage is “4Kw” - do you mean 4kWh per day? Might be worth reading this post to get clear on your needs:


Solar Edge is good but don’t waste your money on batteries. They are too expensive to give you a pay back. You didn’t mention the panel brand.