Solar quote | South Australia battery storage scheme

Hi I’ve only received one quote so far, 1 x6.6 Kw solar system -

22 x 300 watt CanadianSolar split cell Panels 10 yr warranty
1x5 kw Sungrow Inverter SG3K-D with extended warranty (from 5 to 10yrs)
through Esena Energy - $4985

or with an Alpha Estorage battery - $8,170

My average daily use is 10.6 -11.6 kw for 5 people current bills approx $380-$440 a quarter. I’m is SA so is it worth me also investing a battery or wait. Main energy usage is in the evenings.


Hi @jacqui

I haven’t heard much about the SA home battery scheme for a while If the government is subsidising battery storage to the tune of $500 per kWh, it is probably worth taking advantage of that. Do you know people that have had batteries installed recently?

How big is the Alpha Estorage system quoted in kWh? Does it say on your quote?

The system proposed will well and truly cover your usage a few times over, and the batteries will most certainly ensure that you’ll rarely need to import energy from the grid. You should be able to export quite a lot of power, and turn your energy bills around quickly.

A second quote is always worth a look at though, and make sure you take a good look at the reviews of the solar company.