What's the most economic battery system?

Hey @Svarky, with the new solar rebates in Victoria people are going to be saving an extra $2250 on their systems. Which makes me wonder if people will put that toward a battery system. What’s the cheapest option for people to add a small amount of storage to their solar system?

Hey @Marty i know this question was directed at Svarsky but i thought i should point out that there was also the announcement of the potential Battery Storage funding aswell.
A re-elected Labor government will provide funding for 10000 Homes, up to $4838 will be available for a battery storage unit.

This will be a game changer, and will dramatically effect the ROI which is what holds a lot of potential storage customers back.


Thanks for the additional info BHekman.
Marty the cheapest option for those with an existing solar system would be one of the many AC coupled batteries now available.

These include the Tesla Powerwall 2, SMA sunny boy storage, TrinaBESS AC or Goodwe.
However in terms of best ROI the battery size should be matched to your peak energy consumption (kWh) which is typically from 5 to 9pm.

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have installed some lg systems where client only wanted lights and fans left on circuit,
sizing when units trim is definitely tricky 3,3kw is $4k,

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Thanks BHekman, I wasn’t aware of that. That’s great to know.