SolarEdge P370 DC optimizers with Longi 370w panels

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Got a quote for 18x Longi LR4-60HPH-370M panels, SolarEdge P370 DC Optimizers and SolarEdge 5000h Inverter. Seems reasonable products.

From a pairing point of view though, 370watt panels and 370watt optimisers seem to make sense. But from a longevity, buffer, headroom point of view is there any advantage in pairing higher rated DC Optimizers such as P401 or higher ?

I’m looking at:


and trying to wrap my head around the current specs.

Longi Panel states 10.76 Max current with a short circuit at 11.52

P370 DC Optimizer state Max short circuit current as 11 and the P401 is 11.75.

Should I be asking for P404’s (or higher) with the 370w Longi’s or just stick with the P370’s ?

Hi @Punchy

No, I don’t believe there is any advantage in using anything higher than the P370 in this case. The panels are better matched with the P370s, and if anything, may not work as well with P401 is my understanding.

This looks like a decent explanation on which optimisers to use:

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Thanks @Marty . Much appreciated.