Solar quote Western Sydney (denham court)

We have limited roof space so to maximise output we needed highest possible watt panels. We can only fit 15.

Company recommended:

15 Hyundai 400w panels (6k system)
frontius 5k inverter
Installed for $7300.

(After government discount)

My understanding was Hyundai panels were decent with a 25 year warranty and had decent wattage. Is this quote reasonable? Any other high watt good quality panels or installers for similar price?


G’day @gary.obree

These panels have an efficiency of 20.4%. They don’t make it onto the top 10 list of most efficient panels:

However, depending on the actual dimensions of your roof, you might not be able to fit more panels on even if they are more efficient.

This seems like a reasonable price, although at the high end of our Solar Price Estimator. Does the installer get great reviews? That’s the most important thing.

It might be worth getting a few more quotes. You can use our estimator above, and follow the link to get some quotes if you like.