Solar quote *Perth* - new to this so not sure what to look for

15 Jinko Tiger Pro panels JKM440M-6TL4-EN
15 TIN roof frame kits
1 SYMO_5.0-3-M Fronius Symo 5Kw 3 Phase Dual MPPT
1 Install to single level house
1 Grid Connect
1 IN-EX_LF_PANEL Charge for large format panel instalation 15
1 IN-EX_DUAL_MPPT Charge for dual MPPT The correct way to connect Solar PV Systems over 4kW is to run 2 sets of cables back to the inverter. This charge covers the extra labor, cable &
breakers for dual MPPT Systems.
1 Install costs for a 3 phase inverter
$4998 plus
Removal of old system - added $200

Hi Jude

That looks like a pretty good deal in terms of the size system and products you are getting for the price. The main thing you want to really scrutinise at this point are the reviews of the company quoting you.

You can see our article on Who should I buy solar from here.

Good luck, let us know if you have any specific questions.


Thanks, Marty, they have excellent reviews and also did our neighbours house a while back and she is still happy with her system.

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