Solar quote Parkes NSW 2870

Any Feedback from the community would be greatly appreciated -

Have just had the solar panels and inverter installed. Total cost with no upfront fees and interest free payback over 5 years is $15,704.93 - $3,612.00 STC = $12, 092.93:

Q.MAXX QCells 320-335 ( on the roof ) 20 panels and Fronius Symo Inverter

Was this a fair price to pay for what we received and can anyone suggest who would be the best solar plan provider and which plan to sign up to for Parkes, NSW.

kindest regards

Hi @Marie_Moorfoot

Congrats on going solar. You can get an estimated price for a system using our price calculator - that will give you a good idea.

Do you mind me asking why you want to find out if you paid too much? It is often the issue with “no fees, interest free”.