Solar quote - New York, NY

Hi, I’ve recently decided to jump on the solar bandwagon after suffering through several years of high energy costs. Goal is to reduce my energy costs, and lay the foundation to further move away from natural gas based heating by replacing my central AC with a heat-pump next year.

As reference, the last 12 months of my electricity use has been:

Month Year Kwh
March 2023 764
April 2023 665
May 2023 694
June 2023 912
July 2023 1,066
August 2023 1,002
September 2023 760
October 2023 638
November 2023 866
December 2023 760
January 2024 963
February 2024 807

With this said, I recently talked with 3 solar vendors operating here in New York City, and obtained the following quotes. The pricing feels very high compared to some of the other posts, so I’d appreciate any feedback and recommendations:

Vendor Venture Solar SunPower - IntelliSun Sunation
Solar Panel Hanwha Q.TRON 425 W SunPower M440 Maxeon Gen 6 (SPR-M440-H-AC) S-Energy SL65-54BGJ/BHJ-400V
Inverter Enphase IQ8H Enphase IQ7HS Enphase IQ8PLUS-72-2-US
Solar panel capacity (W) 425 440 400
Number of panels 25 21 25
Total capacity (W) 10625 9240 10000
Solar panel efficiency 22.50% 22.80% ?
Solar equipment and installation Up-front pricing $39,015.00 $41,325.00 $37,000.00

Hey! That sounds like a fantastic decision!
Going solar is a great way to take control of your energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint. It’s awesome to hear that you’re not only focusing on immediate savings but also planning for the future by considering a heat pump. Those steps can really add up to significant long-term benefits. Good Luck.

The prices are certainly high compared to other states, which will make it hard to proceed with these quotes. I’m not familiar with the prices in New York, but they do seem excessive. Below are the average prices from the Marketwatch website.

Do you have a complex or very steep roof? This would certainly add to the cost, among other factors such as roof access and location.

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