Solar quote - Metro-New York City

Hi all - appreciate the fact that there are neutral folks around here who can help in decision making.

Been talking to a few different vendors… I’ve narrowed things down to two locals but not sure how to decide between the two. It largely comes down to Sunpower M vs REC Alpha AA tech. Thoughts on the image below?

I’m including Sunpower Direct and Project Solar from my comparison for reference but Sunpower Direct was doing some shady things with tree cover (pun intended) in their initial estimate and I don’t have enough data to trust Project Solar.

Appreciate the help!

Besides the Canadian panels option they are all very close. The SY state solar farm quote would be my pick based on the panels and price. REC Alpha’s are very good, but SunPower Maxeon panels are the best in the business.

Either way, as long as you have a local reliable installer, then you should have no worries.

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