Solar quote Long Island NY

I got 3 quotes all relatively close. How to choose? I estimate I need 9300 kWh annually. These are gross costs for comparison, before credits.
Q1. Producing 9528 kWh $33,583 using LG Neon R Prime 355w panels
Q2. Producing 9384 kWh $31,098 no loan or $34,449 with a loan using Solaris Power XT 400R-PM panels
Q. Producing 10,800 kWh $33,435 using Sunpower panels

If you are from Long Island NY the estimates are from EmPower, SunNation & LI Power Solutions.

Not sure how to make a decision?

Hi Scott

It does look hard to choose. Are they all using Enphase inverters? They are all good panels. But can you tell us the number of panels they are quoting, and the SunPower model, as different companies often have different calculations for generations (kWh). It’s not really standardised, as you can use a number of different assumptions which significantly change the generation estimate.


Yeah, tough choice. These are all top-spec panels. How many kW is the solar array? I expect they are also installing an energy meter and full consumption monitoring.

Do you require a new utility meter in NY when you installer solar?