Solar quote *melbourne caulfield*

Hi , I got an offer for 6.6 KW system using delta inverter 15 year warranty and Q cell 370 whatt panels 25 years warrenty from pedley solar at 9200$ after federal rebate

I was looking for top quality system and those guys seems to have a good reputation but is still seems a bit expensive…

Any advise?

Yeah, that seems expensive. It’s definitely after STCs? Should be a lot cheaper for that system.


Yes after STC I got a few more quote from highly rated company for 6.6 KW system also after STC

LG panels and fromius inverter for 10.5K
LG panels and delta inverter for 9.7K
Jinko tiger panel and delta inverter for 6.5k

Are the Jinko panel any good , review look good online any advise on the quote above?


Hi @simsimsimsimsimsims

LG & Fronius is certainly the best system. However, if you are on a budget Delta and Jinko Tiger is not a bad option at all. See our Jinko review here: