Solar quote *Sydenham Vic* Q-Cell Peak G5+ Vs Jinko Tiger

Just wanting some feedback between these 2x quotes:

  1. 6.6kw Q-Cell Peak Duo G5+ 330w x 20panels (25y both product & performance warranty) plus 5k Fronius inverter $ 6470 (STC deducted already). Vic Govt rebate still to be deducted.

  2. 6.63kw Jinko Tiger 390 JKM390N-6RL3-B 390w x 17panels (20y product and 30y performance warranty) plus Fronius Primo inverter $5711 (STC deducted already). Vic Govt rebate still to be deducted.

Impressed with Q-Cell’s review/reputation and history but the new Jinko Tiger N-cell type with their longer product warranty is so tempting.

Marty/ Readers - Your thoughts on all 3 Solar Retailers

  1. Sunline Energy
  2. Solar Miner
  3. Advance Energy Management

Cheers in advance

Yeah, agreed, I think the Jinko Tigers are a good deal. Potentially a better option that the Q-Cell Peak Duo G5+.

I can’t really give you any better feedback on these retailers than you can find online. I’d just read the reviews thoroughly. AEM seems to get the best Google Reviews, but they also have the fewest.