Solar quote - Mansfield Victoria

Good morning and wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the below quote I’ve received in Mansfield Victoria 3722.

Panels 14.00 Trina TSM-DE17M(II)-450 $2,801.45
Inverter 1.00 FRONIUS Primo 5.0-1 $1,896.51
Racking Clenergy $397.04
Installation $2,640.00
Balance of System $782.96
Additional Charges $506.00
Total installed system cost (inc GST) $9,023.96
Total GST $820.36
Less STC incentive 87 $35.00 $3,045.00
Total Price after STC discount $5,978.96

I’m not eligible for any of the solar payments/loans. Installer has said he’s quoted the larger panels as the roof joists mean that he can’t use the smaller panels as the brackets, racking and overhang of the panel won’t meet code. Makes sense to me and he showed me some others next door and across the road like that which would fail an audit…

Installer has very good reviews from others who have used him. Seems like a good quote to me for a decent system?

Cheers and thanks,

Solar Installers Central Victoria

Hi @Hemsy

Sorry for slow reply.

It looks decent to me. Products are fine. And if you’re happy with the installer, and they get great reviews as you say, then I reckon you’re in good shape.

Hope that helps.


As you mentioned the installer has great reviews and also Trina is premium quality solar panel. looks good.