Solar quote *Hillsboro Oregon, USA*

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roof tilt 36 deg
9.25 KW system
REC 370W Alpha X25 $9,240.75
Enphase IQ8+ X25 $7,813.35
IronRidge Comp. Roof Mount X25 $1,665.00
Rapid Shutdown components, wire, conduit, junction boxes, breakers, outlet for EV X1 $2,550.00
Electrical and Racking Labor X1 $2,500.00
Design, Engineering, Permits, Operating Overhead X1 $2,030.90

Total $25,800.00.
Fed tax credit 26%

The price seems fairly accurate based on the high-end REC Alpha panels and IQ8+ micro-inverters used.

Does the EV outlet also include a Wallbox style EV charger, or is it just a 32A outlet?