Solar quote Geelong 2023

Hi there. I’ve got 5 quotes and am seeking feedback

RACV Solar 7.79kw: $17,890 ($13,862 out of pocket)
19 x REC410AA Pure-R - 410 Watt panels
6kw Fronius Primo GEN24
Fronius Smart Meter

RACV Solar 7.65kw: $13,350 ($9,358 out of pocket)
18 x TSM-425DE09R.08 Trina VertexS 425 Watt panels
6kw Fronius Primo GEN24
Fronius Smart Meter

Velocity Solar 7.77kw: $14,787 ($10,613 out of pocket)
21 x REC370TP4 - 370 Watt panels
6kw Fronius Primo GEN24
Fronius Smart Meter

Velocity Solar 7.89kw: $13,448 ($9,236 out of pocket)
19 x TSM-415DE09R.08 Trina VertexS 415 Watt panels
6kw Fronius Primo GEN24
Fronius Smart Meter

City to Surf Solar 7.79kw: $12,373 ($8,072 out of pocket)
19 x SunPower Performance 6 SPR-P6-410-COM-XS (410W)
6kw Sungrow Residential SH6.0RS (AS4777-2 2020)
Sungrow Smart Meter


  • Is it worth the cost difference to upgrade panels considering they all have similar warranties?
  • Are the quotes I’ve got reasonable or a little high?

I’ve only sought quotes from solar companies recommended by friends


All the quotes are a little on the high side, but I suspect there is a valid reason for this. Is this a complex roof with tiles or slate? Is it a double story, or is site access difficult? Also, long cable runs and adding a smart meter adds to the cost.

In regards to the difference between the Panels, The REC Alpha Pure-R are extremely good and definitely the best panels available. Very low degradation and great performance in hight temperatures.

However, the Trina Vertex panels are great value for money and will do a great job if you cannot justify the extra cost. The REC370TP4 and SunPower P-series are both similar to the Trina panels in performance.

Thanks for the insight Svarky.

The house is 2 years old with a colourbond roof and very easy access which makes me think that they’re all just a bit high.

Appreciate the feedback on the panels too.

Wondering what an average price before rebates/STC etc would be for a system such as what I’ve had quoted? From a reputable supplier of course as this is my main priority.


Actually, I didn’t take note of the out-of-pocket prices you posted. They are maybe 5 to 10% higher than average. Although, when I think about it, adding the smart meter takes extra time, plus the cost of the meter, so overall it’s pretty reasonable. However, the first quote is definitely above average even for premium panels.

Thanks Jason

Much appreciated. That helps to clarify things for me

Also, if the providers were all equal, is there one of those setups that you would go with over the other with their varied components?

This would be my personal pick.

(Although, if money wasn’t a concern, I’d go with the REC Alpha Pure-R)

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: