Solar quote Gosford Central Coast NSW

I have received this quote from a reputable Solar company.


$8 530.00

6.66kW Solar system

SMA Sunny Boy SB5.0-AV-41(5KW) Qty 1

LGLG Mono X Plus LG370S1C-U6(370KW) Qty 18


$10 930

6.57 kWSolar System $14,080.00 $14,080.00

LG LG NeON 2 LG365N1C-N5 (365W) 18 (incl.)

SMASunny Boy SB5.0-1AV-41 (5kW) 1 (incl.)

My electricity bill is between $500-$600 in summer as I have a ducted air conditioning system which I run during summer and use it for heating in winter. My bills are between $250 and $400 during the other seasons.
I use hot water for the dishwasher and showers.
Which system would be best for my needs?


It looks like you are weighing up LG Neon 2 vs LG Mono X Plus. You can see our full LG review here:

In short the Neon 2 use the higher quality N type silicon and Mono X uses P type. It’s really a personal preference as to whether you want the more premium product, with the longer warranty, or not. You will get the same solar energy from both systems.