Solar Power Hoppers Crossing, Vic

18 x Winaico 330W - WST-M6 Mono PERC Panels (WST-330M6)
1 x Fronius Primo - 5kW inverter (10 yr Warranty)
1 x Fronius Energy Meter - single phase

$9800 installed with STC rebate

These are very good products Terry. I reckon it’s worth getting some other quotes to see if you can do a bit better on pricing though. For like for like quotes on pricing, you want SMA or Fronius inverter, and for panels Winaico, LG (is more expensive than Winaico, but I reckon you could find a better quote that this one), REC or Qcells [QPeak G5 or G6].


The total price is actually $7950 - I misunderstood how the $1850 Vic Solar Homes rebate worked.