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Blue Raven Solar, LLC is a company out of Utah in the U.S. Their price seems very high after reviewing some other quotes. But most quotes seem to be outside of the U.S. The installation is on my one-story house in Indiana. What do you think?

Total System Cost: USD $45,252
Total System Size: 10.37 kW DC
Estimated Year One Solar Production: 12,135 kWH
Panels: Seaphim Premium All Black
Total Panels: 34
Inverter: Enphase IQ7 Microinverters
Monitoring: Enphase Enlighten
Panel Warranty: 25 Years
Inverter Warranty: 25 Years
Workmanship & Roof Penetration: 10 Years
Production Guarantee: 2 Years


Hi @le3bl

A lot of the quotes you see here are for Australian properties. Our federal rebates are added up front which is part of the reason the quotes are less, but also for reasons I’m not real clear on, residential solar is way cheaper in Australia.

The products you are quoted are top quality, and the system is large, but with that in mind the quote still seems incredibly high.

In Australia we generally recommend using local providers. Utah is an awful long way from Indiana, do you not have any local providers near you? We always recommend getting at least 2-3 quotes so you can compare.

I would question whether you need a 10kW system also. How much electricity do you use on a daily or monthly basis (should be in kWh on your bill. Lastly, what’s you main reason for going solar? If it’s financial, I struggle to see how you would get a good return on investment at the price you’ve been quoted.

Hope that helps

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Jefferson Electric seems to be one of the few local Indianapolis companies doing solar power, whilst GRNE services Indiana and another three states and gets high reviews.

Jefferson Electric | Indianapolis, Indiana
GRNE Solar | Indianapolis, Indiana
Electric Plus, Inc. | Avon, Indiana

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Thanks for the reply. Here in the states we also receive a federal incentive at about 26%, but it takes a few months before they write the check. I am quite certain we do not need a 10kW system and the person who gave us the estimate should probably have done a better job at determining why we are using so much power in the first place. But we are living in an older home and are working on getting the insulation updated. I also work from home and my equipment draws a significant amount of power.

I haven’t been able to find many local solar vendors yet, but I do have more appointments scheduled. I mainly wanted to draw a baseline for what prices I should expect to see. The main reason for the solar panels would be financial.

Thanks again. I’ll reply with updated quotes later this month.


I don’t know have finished your project or not but I could offer advice to use some solar marketplaces to reduce the cost of your solar system. As for my case (a small cottage with 8 panels) I used innovate solar for finding contractors.
Maybe for your system it would be relevant too.