Pheonix Arizona Solar Power

I have been quoted a residential solar system by a company named Elevate in the Phoenix AZ area.
The quotes is for

Panasonic VBHN330SA17E x 45 panels

Inverter = Enphase IQ7X-96-x-ACM-US-240
The quote is for $2.67 per watt. 14.8kw total

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @Rjr812

Panasonic solar panels are not widely available in Australia, so we haven’t had much feedback on them. However, the specs look good, and I believe Enphase has partnered with Panasonic to integrate the panel and inverter. I’d be very confident that this is a high quality system.

However, the price is quite high. This would mean a long payback time for your investment. I would get more quotes, and aim for $2 per watt.


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