3300 Foothill Plaza, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404

My qoutes range from $15,000 to $21,000 for a 8100 kw system. My annual energy usage is 9,100 KWH. My energy provider is UES

Hi there

An 8kW system should generate at least 11500kWh a year if installed in optimal conditions in AZ, so it seems like a good size if you want to cover your usage.

The price is in line with the average in AZ. What products are you being quoted for, and what are the difference with the price range?


I am being quoted a 6k system for $14k complete.

I guess the information you were asking about is
Solaria power XT-400R-PM

Lg panels
Solaredge power optimizer P350
SolaredgeSE7600 inverter
$13, 043

3)Sunpower 18-335 watt panels
Sunpower microinverter and grid tie