Solar Installers Darwin, NT

Have received 3 solar quotes for Darwin 2 story house. 1. 6.6 Jinko 20 panels, Fronius 5kw inverter $7700 or 6.6 kw Hyundai 22 panels, fronius 5kw inverter $8500
Quote 2 Hyundai 22 panels, sungrow SG5k Inverter $8235
Quote 3 6.6 20 Jinko panels with 5kw Inverter $8600 or 6.6kw 20 Q Cell Duo panels with 5Kw Inverter Fronius or SMA $9600

i like the fronius Inverter - not sure on the Jinko vs Hyundai, any insight would be appreciated - all quotes include the rebate, thanks

Hi @sandymac

I think Hyundai and Fronius would be the way to go.

What did you think of the different companies selling the systems?


Darwin Solar Installers

Here are some other top rated installers from the web, as well as some forum community members:

SEM Darwin | Darwin NT
Your Green Planet | Winnellie NT

Fronius are a good string inverter. Jinko are in the words of Finn, “Good quality and well supported in Aust”. I wouldn’t pay more for other panels.

Thanks Marty and Frank1, appreciate the feedback. all companies have been happy to answer and questions, also have to have some roof repairs so need to factor into the budget . I think I’ll go with Jinko