Q.PLUS DUO BFR-G5 290-310 W vs Q.MAXX 320-335W


Does anyone know the difference between these two panels from Q cells?

As far as I could find Q. Plus is made in Malaysia and is 290-310 W. I’m not sure whether this is an old a redundant model? Would it be better than the Chinese made Q.maxx?

Two companies have quoted similar for the two types of panels.

Hi @solanka

It can be pretty hard to work out the difference sometimes, I was wondering the same thing recently.

I think the main difference is that Q.Plus is poly silicon and Q.Maxx is mono. Q.Maxx has slightly higher efficiency, and a little better (lower) temperature coefficient, whilst the Q.Plus is slightly better in low light conditions. Cost is about the same. Not a lot to split them from what I can see.

Thanks for the details. Do you see any drawback going with the Q.Plus ? One copmany has quoted me less for the Q.plus than the Q.maxx system ?

I understand there will be mor panels (22 total).

I guess mono panels are better compaed to the poly

Well, there’s a big debate about that, but I think these days that’s the general consensus. The Maxx (mono) are more efficient and a bit better in higher temps, but Plus (poly) is a bit better in low light. I don’t think it would make a big difference if you’ve got the roof space (my opinion, interested to hear what others say).