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Like most here, I’m quite new to the solar terms, its a big learning curve for which given time, I’m sure will be better off.

I’ve received a quote from a well respected, long established solar company in S/E Qld, Positronics Solar. Would welcome any comments.

System 1 size - 5.31 kW
Panels - 18 × 295W REC Solar TwinPeak 2 Series
Inverter - Fronius 5kW Primo with smart meter

System 2 size - 4.95 kW
Panels -18 × 275W REC Solar Peak Energy
Inverter - Fronius 5kW Primo with smart meter

The array would be split with 10 panels facing west and 8 facing north.

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Hi @mudlu

I have heard good things about Positronics, so that covers the most important decision for buying solar:
Who Should I Buy Solar From?

Quality products, price is fine. I don’t have a strong opinion on whether you should get the higher wattage panels or not. However, if it’s not a financial stretch, the TwinPeak do seem enticing :slight_smile:

Would love to see a photo of the install once it’s up.


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That you Marty for the quick response.

I’ve read your entire series of helpful starters, they are gold to us newbies, you should be congratulated for your time and effort in making it easier for us to understand. I too, like the TwinPeak option, and for sure provide some pics.


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